Logiplan® is a bed management dashboard that improves patient flow and workflow in the operating room, emergency department, intensive care unit, and throughout hospitalization.

The dashboard shows, in real time, the occupation of all beds, arrivals and departures, signed leaves as well as information about the user and his stay.

Bed Management Dashboard
  • Movements of the user, transfers, bed exchanges, changes of doctor.
  • Creation and updates of the conditions of stay and medical necessities.
  • Nurse shift schedules.
  • Real-time dirty bed notifications.
  • Infection prevention by displaying scores.

Key benefits


Logiplan® offers an array of advanced modules to improve the management of hardware and personnel. You can also use custom third-party modifications when a feature, functionality, or embedded content isn’t available.

Logiplan Analytics Nurse Scheduler Cleaning Dispatcher HL7 Data Store Data Ingestion Geolocation


Our pricing model is flexible and adaptable to your business needs and is designed to evolve as your organization grows. We offer modular plans that allow you to add features or make package upgrades.

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